What we do

HP FitStation

"We are creating technology based on your body and the way it moves so you can enjoy gear made uniquely for you. From comfort to performance and recovery, welcome to a highly precise fitting experience."

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Along with HP, we have created multiple customer-facing kiosk applications as well as services in the cloud, exposing HP digital manufacturing Platform features.

What we do

HP Digital Manufacturing Platform

This Platform allows standardized integration between retails, brands, and manufacturers in different parts of the world. With solutions like HP Fitstation, it can bring personalized products right to the customer.

We are building this Platform with HP collaborating with multiple stakeholders around the world. It's a complex and challenging project - exactly how we like our projects. With experienced microservices developers and skillful DevOps team, we have all the tools to build and manage such a Platform.

What we do

HP DesignID

DesignID is a visual experience that guides the user through the process of designing and visualizing custom prints for the interior.

It focuses on many aspects - wallpapers, custom wall stickers, canvas, roller blinds and more. Other iterations of the project also allow to customize prints on home appliances and electronics.